Company Name

WSP Co., Ltd.

Officer s

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Masao Watanabe
Director:        Mr. Hiroshi Takeda
Director:        Ms. Makiko Yabuno
Director:        Mr. Toshihiro Yamanaka
Operating Officer:   Ms. Kaori Yamaue
Operating Officer:   Ms. Youko Tanaka

Date of

December 1994


100 million yen

Main Bank

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Osaka head office sales department
Resona Bank Senba branch


Tokyo Office
3F, 3-14-1, Ginza, Chuo ward,
Tokyo, 104-0061
TEL: +81-3-3549-1090
FAX: +81-3-3549-1091

Osaka Head Office WSP Co., Ltd.
4-12-12, 10th floor, Nissei Shinsaibashi West,
Minami senba , Chuo Ward,
Osaka, 542-0081
TEL: +81-6-6251-1090
FAX: +81-6-6251-1290


Manufacture and wholesale of jewelry
Manufacture and sale of cosmetics


Manufacture and wholesale of jewelery
Manufacture and sale of cosmetics
Development of pearl supplements

Tokyo office  MAP
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Management philosophy

Challenge infinite human possibilities,
pursue human happiness in physical and spiritual aspects,
and make contributions to humanity and society.


From the "tangible" to the "intangible"
We in WSP do not only offer "tangible" things, but also offer wonderful "intangibles" whose conception is triggered by the "tangible" things.

For example, when you encounter in your places and dreams things that you would like to get, when your horizons expand; the time that you want to spend with someone becomes fun; and, you have this uplifting feeling that you want to hold dear those who are close to you or nature itself.
That "tangible" triggers the conception of the wonderful "intangibles" and we would like to reach it out to you.

We would like to together create things that make lots of people happy by connecting to their thoughts.
We in WSP is working on it with that goal in mind.

The attitude that we value

We set up business that puts "happiness spent together" into realization and practice.
We can feel, appreciate and contribute things and their connection to people,
as well as sowing the seeds of happiness among all.

About the logo

Our company celeberated its 20th year in 2014 and we took that opportunity to redesign our logo.
The illustrations "Three core business" and "Three Consciousness," and the pearl motif,
are all adapted from the ideas of Mr. Yukihito Masuura, a world-renowned photographer.

Three Core Businesses Three Consciousness