A skin gets moisturizing effect which was extracted from excellent pearls.

What is Shinju Hada? Anti-aging basick skin care products made with the collaboration of beauty experts.

"MADAMA-HADA" is a basic skin-care product which contains a lot of marine beauty components which supports the regeneration of the skin and contains moisture which is an important part of anti-aging skin care. Correct skin care doesn't mean pampering the skin, it means making use of the qualities of the skin. To people who have tried various cosmetics until now but were not able to feel sufficient results, we fervently wish that you use this as "your last cosmetic" which we have created without compromise. This is a special skincare product which has is made from carefully-selected ingredients, taking into consideration product composition and usability.

What is Shinju Hada Institute? The Shinju Hada Institute develops skin care products which makes your skin look like pearls.

Continuous care of skin as we age is important. In order for our products to last longer, we have conducted research with "high quality and reasonable price" as the theme. It took 3 years to develop a product that was satisfactory to us. Until then, we returned to the basics many times, repeatedly making prototypes, until finally, the "Shinju Hada" Series was developed. Even now, we are engaged in research and development everyday in order to improve the "MADAMA-HADA" series advance.

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