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Jewelry Wholesale Division

To customers who desire wholesale (vendor sales).

Registration is required for wholesale, and sales is conducted after the registration (screening) is finished.
For first time customers, please input the information such as company name and address, and register.

We can receive orders through the web, email, or via telephone call.
Payment can be made via postal transfer, bank transfer, or Cash On Delivery.

For first time customers

Please fill up the required information on the Wholesale Registration Request Form, and send it to us.
After reviewing your application in our office, we will contact you via return email.
※ Please note that during screening, as a separate provision, you may be required to submit documents which will prove your status as a corporation.

Go to the Wholesale Registration Request Form

To customers who have already completed the registration of their transaction

For customers whose registration of the transaction is finished, and who have received a message from our company informing you that you passed the examination, please place your order via Wholesale Goods Order Form, email, or telephone.

Go to the Wholesale Products Order Form


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(office hours 10:00 to 18:00 Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
FAX: 06-6251-1290
Store Operations Manager: Ms. Makiko Yabuno