We shall now propose a method of enjoying pearls that is different until now.

Pearls are, of course, indispensable in ceremonial occasions,
as well as to women.
For Coming of Age Day, weddings and 30th wedding anniversary,
are wonderful customs passed down in Japan where pearls are given on
life's important milestones and new chapters in life.
On the other hand, pearls are very stylish and refined, and is a kind of
jewelry which is essential when raising a woman's fashion style up one notch.


In our company, we have developed and offered original designs everyday which adults will want to wear fashionably everyday.
Recently, we offered many proposals on how to enjoy pearls and diamonds at the same time.

For example, even if you match a diamond earrings with a formal pearl choker-type necklace, it won't become overly formal. By normally using a classic necklace, and by matching a swaying pearl chain earring with a relaxing diamond pendant, you can enjoy pearls more than ever before by making unique combinations which haven't been used until now.
Recently, we have received feedback from happy customers because they are now able to use pearls easier than before by matching them with diamonds.

From now on, with "wear pearls fashionably everyday" as a concept, we shall now introduce products whose quality and designs are so good women can feel at ease.